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even though we are living in different countries & are all working on other projects simultaneously - we still find time for our baby.


TOB is a collaboration of different sound artists based in Berlin - some are active in radiokampagne (an initiative trying to establish a free radio in Berlin).

The TOB audio production idea is derived from concepts of occupation of spaces and communication technologies and recycling/re-using materials:

1st level: - the input in micro-local space (diy vibrational microphones, kids toys, the guts of a videogame, fm receivers) is taking instruments, inner sounds of bicycles, selfmade electronic devices, feedbacks.

2nd level: - radio p.a. is supplying the next ambience with amplified acoustic events.

3rd level: - fm transmitters supply the wider ambience & are used for feedback.

4th level: - sometimes we transmit into global space via internet.

the erroceous nature of all these communication ways producing interference, hiss, noises, hums - is part of the game.

more info here

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