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artist name :

jason kahn


title of the piece : chicago

duration : 61.03

licence : do you agree with a copyleft licence as Creative Commons : yes

a text to present your work :

«chicago» was a piece i originally composed for a sound installation in chicago, which was to take place on a busy street. the sound installation ended up not happening and i was left with this piece. i am very interested in sound and visual presentations which, on first look/listen, may appear static but on closer inspection reveal many fine details–and in the case of sound and video, these details unfolding over extended time durations. «chicago» is a work typical of this aesthetic in that one needs to «stay» with the piece in order to hear where it is going. «chicago» will function on both the micro and macro levels, however, which is how i envisioned the piece fitting into the proposed sound installation it was created for–this is to say, the sound movement in «chicago» would work in the background of our sonic perception, on the macro level, in that we would still perceive it and its influence on the surrounding audio topography; listening in more closely, on the micro level, the richness in detail of the piece also makes itself apparent.

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