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-babel fish translation (sorry)+From it's creation, in 1997 FORMANEX ensemble was interested in the production of new musical forms in the contemporary music.  
 +This direction, follows the continuity of the history of the experimental music. Formanex is composed of three members, each from different musical backgrounds:​ electroacoustic music, improvised music, experimental music, sound art, sound poetry, punk, rock'​n'​roll,​ noise and jazz. 
 + The early works of Formanex falls between improvisation and composition,​ taking graphic elements as a starting point. Two of the members, then student in artschool brought a reflexion towards creating music on the boundaries of visual arts.  
 +The influence of electroacoustic music and the visual arts led Formanex to develop spatialisation works, thought of in terms of intervention-performance in a given situation. The cross over of these approaches engaged a radical change to their instrumentation during the first years reheasing together. This change opened up new artistic routes.  
 +Whereby the instrument is central to the musician, but the musician adapts, invents, and rebuilds his instrument according to the needs' of his musical thought. ​
-From the very start of it's creation, in 1997, l'​ensemble FORMANEX was interested in the production of new musical forms in the contemporary music. ​In this directionit falls under the continuity ​of the history of the experimental music. Formanex is composed of three active ​members, each one coming from different musical horizons: the music electroacoustic,​ improvised music, l'art sound and experimental musics, sound poetry, punk rock'​n'​roll,​ the noise and jazz. The initial work of Formanex is between the improvisation and the composition starting from graphic elements. Two of the members, then student in school d'​arts,​ bring as a whole a reflexion and a step of creation to the border of the music and visual arts. The influence of the music electroacoustic and the visual arts leads the members of Formanex to develop a work of spatialization thought in terms of intervention-performance in a given situation. The crossing of these various approaches engages a radical change of the instrumental park during first years of training of the unit. In return, this change will open new artistic ways. There is a first important aspect ​of the group, l'​instrument s'​impose more with the musician, but the musician adapts, invents, builds his instrument according to needs' for his musical thought. The work started in 2000 by two of the members of the whole with musician KEITH ROWE (founder ​of the group of impromptu ​music AMM) enables ​them to discover an element determining ​for the evolution of the quartet"TREATISE" (treated musical), graphic composition ​of CORNELIUS CARDEW. ​This partition, concentrating reflexions close to those which are developed hitherto by FORMANEX, will become the object of research lasting several years. Parallel to this work d interpretation of the "​TREATISE",​ FORMANEX s'​interroge on d'​autres manners of using the language and the musical writing. After having traversed some outstanding figures of the XXe century ​(CageCardew, Wolff, Brown, Feldman...c'est in company of close relations type-setters whom the group continues its research. Thus FORMANEX invites contemporary type-setterswhose writing is at cross different musical steps (between traditional writinggraphic writingwriting programmatique..etcand proposes a partition or a musical project thought and worked out according to the members and instrumentarium suitable to them for the unit. Each proposal of type-setter implies meetings and a work in common with FORMANEX. +In 2000two of the members of the group along with musician KEITH ROWE (one of the founders ​of the improvised ​music group AMM) intrduced ​them to graphical scores. Scores ​for determining ​the evolution of the group, such asTREATISEgraphic composition ​by CORNELIUS CARDEW. 
-In 2001French type-setter KASPER T TOEPLITZ written "​DEMONOLOGY # 11". The proposal of Formanex leads it to modify its manner own to compose. In 2002French type-setter JEROME JOY, with his part [ picNIC ] upsets the traditional position of the type-setter,​ l'​interprète and the public by a musical writing which is not thought any more in terms of partition but in terms of programming (starting from the possibilities of composition opened by the data-processing tool). The artistic project of Formanex consists in exploring other possibilities of production and presentation of the music in places traditionally dedicated to the form concert. This is why the concerts/​interventions of FORMANEX do not make inevitably any more and only figures in concerts but d'​installations,​ of performances or d'​actions. Moreover, the members of the group, 3 at the base, can be 2, 5, 6, 7... etc according to the type of project. The type-setter become member and integrated like a part of the group, breaks any hierarchical form thus. + 
-This "​ensemble with geometry variable"​ travel, meets, confronts and nourishes these experiments allowing to offer to each new prospect to hear, see and include/​understand what can be the music in XXIe century.+Anthony Taillard ​(guitarelectronics), Julien Ottavi ​(Percussionlaptopelectronics), Christophe Havard (tabletelectronics)
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